Aarogya Setu application is in the Playstore top 10 list

  • Aarogya Setu application is in the Playstore top 10 list

The cure bridge application was included in the top 10 list in May 2020. In addition to this, this app has also got the ranking of Play Store. However, the TicTac app of Bytes is at the top.

Some popular mobile applications have downloaded records during the lockdown. In May 2020, the market intelligence agency Sensor Tower released a report on the most downloaded non-gaming apps. In this list, information about the most downloaded app in the world was given in May 2020. The most special feature of this list for Indians is that it includes the coronavirus contact tracing app 'Healing Bridge App'. Speaking of other apps on this list, TicTac is still at the top.

Globally, watching Corona Wars has seen some changes related to mobile app downloads due to lockdowns. Zoom was the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store and Apple Store in April.

Last month, it was included in the list of most downloaded non-gaming apps. In addition to Zoom and TickTock, the list included applications from social platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Tickets have been downloaded 11.19 crore times

Tyne's Tiktok app is the most downloaded app in the non-gaming category in May. Sensor Tower reports that TicketTalk was downloaded 11.19 million times in May.

According to this report, the video conferencing app Zoom II was second However, in the recent past, the Government of India has expressed concern about the privacy and security of this app. It was the most downloaded app in April 2020. This application has been downloaded 9.46 crore times in May.

How many healing bridge applications

The Government of India Arogya Setu app has topped the list of most downloaded non-gaming apps for the second month in a row. So far it has been downloaded 11.16 crore times. In April, the app was not even in the top ten list. It ranks fifth in the Playstore rankings. In addition to these, the list of top 10 apps includes Facebook Messenger, Google Mate, YouTube, and Snapchat.

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