George Floyd Protests: Cities Won't Have Troops

  • George Floyd Protests: Cities Won't Have Troops

George Floyd protests: Secretary of Defense says no troops in cities

Washington: Protests have broken out in 140 cities across the United States following the death of black American George Floyd in police custody. US President Donald Trump has called the protesters "domestic terrorists" and threatened to launch a US military operation against them. Now, however, Trump's defense secretary, Mark Asper, has rejected the option of deploying troops to the cities. Asper has made it clear that troop deployments are the last option, yet there is no need for it.

According to the New York Times, US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper has publicly opposed the deployment of troops to deal with the protesters. Asper has avoided using caution to use the military entirely to quell protests on Trump's streets. Asper said, ‘Deployment of troops should be done as a last resort to maintain law and order. Also, the army should be used in very urgent and urgent situations. On the other hand, Trump is regularly pressuring governors to use the National Guard and using inflammatory jokes to teach protesters a lesson.

Troops in Washington have no problem, I tell you that in the last 4 days there have been deadly clashes between protesters and police in Washington DC, in which 50 agents of the Secret Service protecting Trump have been injured. Trump then assigned the task of defending the White House to the National Guard and the military. Opposing the military, Asper reversed the Pentagon's decision to send troops on duty from the Washington area. Asper said security at the White House would remain with the military for the time being.

Former United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis, on the other hand, has accused President Donald Trump of divisive attitudes and abuses of his position. He said he was also upset and surprised by the way Trump has handled recent events. Mattis compared President Donald Trump to a Nazi and described him as the first president of the United States to divide the country.

Mattis said, ‘Donald Trump is the first president of my life who doesn’t try to ite the American people. They don't even pretend to try. They try to deliver. On the other hand, Trump has described Mattis as an arrogant general in response to his remarks. After his criticism, President Trump tweeted several times, claiming that he had removed James Mattis. "I don't like his leadership," he said in a tweet. Many will agree with me. I'm glad they're gone.

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