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  • How the return of migrant workers becomes headaches in lockdown?

How the return of migrant workers becomes headaches in lockdown?

  • How the return of migrant workers becomes headaches in lockdown?

Due to the Corona infection, the pace of return of migrant laborers from cities to their homes in the country has now slowed, but the risk of infection in the villages has started increasing. In many cities and district hospitals, the number of new people coming from the village to the new cases is coming. Now all the district collectors are surveying people in their villages so that the problem that comes from the right figures can be dealt with.

Concerns have arisen from the increased number of villages in new cases. The center has also become cautious in view of the number of infected infections growing rapidly across the country. Efforts have started in the coming rainy season, the problem should not increase. All district collectors are being asked to expedite the survey here. Actually, a large number have been those who reached the village directly and did not follow the rules of seclusion.

At the same time, the central government believes that in the coming days the responsibility of states, districts, and permanent bodies will increase. With the Kovid Hospital, habits of cleaning and sanitizing two yards, masks, and hands several times will have to be increased. With less publicity, there is a perception that the effect has reduced. In such a situation, emphasis will have to be on behavior and mental changes. Along with the panchayat, doctors, lawyers, teachers are constantly being asked to make people aware.

How many cases in the country so far?

Coronavirus cases have increased rapidly in the country. On Thursday, 9304 new cases were reported and a record of 260 people died. So far 217,965 cases have been registered. In many states the rate of infection spread is uncontrollable. Maharashtra-Delhi and Haryana are getting more patients than the national average.

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