Police brutality continues in the United States

On Thursday, a 75-year-old man was pushed by police in Buffalo, New York. The elders fell to the ground and their heads fell to the ground and they were injured and a lot of blood started pouring out. Two police members have been suspended.

Protests have been going on in more than 140 cities in the United States over the past ten days in protest against the death of George Floyd in New York police custody. During the protest, many videos of police brutality went viral. Meanwhile, police in Buffalo, New York, on Thursday pulled over a 755-year-old man. The elders fell to the ground and their heads fell to the ground and they were injured and a lot of blood started pouring out. Two police members have been suspended.

The video clearly shows the elderly man also involved in the protest, while some of the police force personnel were pushed. During this time, the elder had a serious head injury. The most embarrassing time was when police personnel did not even pick up the elderly, other protesters injured. The reporter who made the video asked the police to call for an ambulance, but the police turned off his camera. Police did not reveal the identity of the elderly, although they were told that they were hospitalized and their condition was critical. The elderly have been admitted to the Erie county medical center. Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood has ordered an investigation and suspended both pushers.

By George Floyd

The funeral was held on Thursday in front of a gathering of prominent personalities, musicians, and leaders of his golden coffin, George Floyd. At this time, where people were wet, there was a sense of joy that this was an opportunity to change the way the police were in custody, causing outrage and widespread protests around the world over Floyd's death. A civil rights activist who attended the tribute announced when he told black people, "Let's get down on our knees." "

For fly-by, a six-day tribute meeting is being held in three cities, where the first meeting was held at the North Central University's sanctuary in Minneapolis. A judge shortly off-stay had set aside $755-755,000 to bail three police officers accused in Floyd's death. Other members of Congress, including rights activist Jesse Jackson, MP Amy Klobucar and Ilhan Omar, Sheila Jacksonley, and Mirror Presley were present. Other notable figures include Ti Ludacris, Terris Gibson, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, and Marcia Martin.

'You've taken our knees off our necks'

In Minneapolis, in memory of Floyd, Rev Sharpton said that the message is clear now, "I can breathe." But for many black Americans, their dreams and objectives are lost because they still can't breathe. Referring to Floyd being taken into custody on May 25, he said, "We can never be the dream of becoming or becoming because you put our knees on our knees." He said, 'What happened to Floyd happens every day in this country. It's time for us to stand up in George's name and ask you to take our knee off our neck.

Floyd's funeral was a celebration of his farewell, which his family felt he deserved. Members of Congress were also present along with Top Elected Leaders of Minnesota and the tribute meeting called for meaningful changes in the police system and criminal justice system. In his remarks in Floyd's memory, Shorten said that a memorial was planned in Washington in August to demand reform of the federal police system. Also, the city took to the streets on Thursday as protests continued in New York City. In memory of Floyd, police beat protesters who were out in the city night before the curfew was imposed at the funeral of The Shranjalis.

The crowd gathered at Brooklyn Cadman Plaza to meet Floyd's brother Terence Floyd, who said, "You're not alone. Terence thanked those who supported him for George. He said, 'I thank God for all your love for my brother. "I am proud of the protests, but I am not proud of the destruction," he said of the protests and violence that took place across the country. My brother wasn't like that. Floyd is a family of fear. Give us God and strength. Although there are slogans for all the protests, the slogan of the protest is slightly different in the death of George Floyd, and in reality, it is a number - eight minutes 46 seconds.

He also expressed concern for corona.

New York Governor Andrew Kimo said Thursday that protesters in the death of George Floyd have a "civil responsibility" to investigate the coronavirus infection and that the new case could be further closed. Concerns have been raised about the size of the crowd, which is often seen in addition to their masks to increase the number of COVID-19incidents. "If you go to the show or leave, finish your investigation," said Mr. Coomo at a regular press conference. The governor said that at least 20,000 people protested in New York alone.

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